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Our continuous learning and experience in the field of environmental science and waste management made us understand the requirement of our community and our clients, which lead to the inception of Mersat Transports Waste LLC. We offer a complete solution for the problems like waste collection & transportation, Waste recycling and treatment along with cleaning, sterilization and pest control. We strictly adhere to all the guidelines of Tadweer and EAD (Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi) and also implements our own work culture along with governmental guidelines to provide the best suitable service for our clients.

Pest Control

Identification of the types of pests will help to effeciently get rid of it. Our process includes the identification of pest and development of an effective solution for the control of pests. Our effecient technicians will always assist you and your home / companies to get rid completely of pests.

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Pest control services
Sterilization services

Sterilization services

Sterilization refers to the procedure that destroys, kills or deactivates all living creatures (in particular, micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spores, unicellular eukaryotic species such as plasmodium etc.) and other biological agents such as prions present in a specific surface, material or fluid, such as food or biological media.

We provide the best sterilization service in your home/office and helps you keep yourself protected from diseas causing micro organisms.

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Waste collection

Mersat transports offers waste collection services from organizations with an aim of effective waste management. We also provide color coded bins as per the governmental guideline for waste segregation. We deal with all types of wastes as listed below

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Waste collection services
  • Organic waste collection works
    • Food & animal waste
    • Green waste
    • General household waste
  • Non metal waste collection
    • Paper
    • Tyres
    • Wood
    • Plastic
    • Cardboard/carton
    • Textile/fabric
    • Rubber
    • Broken furniture
    • Glass / float glass
  • Used lubricants collection
    • Cutting oil
    • Transformer oil
    • Engine oil
    • Hydraulic oil
  • Collecting & transporting of sewage waste
    • Sewage sludge
  • Medical waste collection
    • Pharmaceutical waste
    • Infectious
    • Veterinary waste
  • Garbage collection
    • Inert/street sweeping
    • Confiscated goods
    • Uncontaminated oil
  • Cement & sand sweeping and building waste collection
    • Concrete waste
    • Excavated material
    • Concrete block
    • Ceramics
    • Gypsum boards/plasterboards
    • Asphalt paving
    • Styrofoam
  • Toxic waste collection
    • Asbestos containing materials
    • Asbestos
  • Metal waste collection
    • Non ferrous metal scrap
    • Ferrous metal scrap
    • End of life vehicle
  • Chemical waste collection
    • Chemical waste
    • Containers with hazardous
    • Compressed aerosol
    • Used oil rags/filters
    • Explosives
  • Transportation of electronic & electrical waste
    • Waste electrical & electronic equipments
    • Batteries
  • Non issued permits
    • Used cooking oil
    • Sludge
Waste recycling services

Waste Recycling

Recycling is the method of transforming waste products into new materials and items. The recyclability of a substance depends on its ability to reacquire the properties it has in its pure or initial form.

Recycling will avoid te loss of ppotentially usable materials and reduce the use of fresh raw materials, while reducing energy use air pollution and water contamination

Our recycling facility offers as effective recycling method adopting advanced technologies and makes our environment sustainable.

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Waste Treatment

Waste treatment refers to the activities to ensure that waste has the least practicable impact on the environment.

We at Mersat, with advanced learning and contiouous research disposes and treats the waste generated from your organizations hence protecting the environment and maintain sustainability.

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Waste treatment
Waste trading & exporting

Waste trading & exporting

We also provide services to trade and export the waste generated in your organizations for most advanced treatment and keeping the eco system balanced and sustainable

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